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Altyn Kol Women's Handicraft NGO 

Kochkor, Naryn Oblast 



This Summer, Come Visit Kyrgyzstan & Experience:

The Unique and Creative Designs of Our Shyrdaks and Ala Giiz at Our Store In Kochkor

Our Handicrafts Production Seminars

Our Ancient Handicrafts Techniques Tours

Our New Line of Handmade Yurts

Our Bi-Annual Exhibition in Bishkek at the Historical Museum in Late Spring & Fall

Our Annual Sheep to Shyrdak Festival in Partnership with CBT Kochkor at Tendik Village in Kochkor Region, during June

Our Annual Kyrgyz Heritage Festival in Chui Oblast near Bishkek,  August 12th

For further information on dates and times, please feel free to contact us by email.


A Brief History of Altyn Kol

For many years in Kyrgyzstan, shyrdak production was traditionally for household use. A large, ornate shyrdak was the pride of a household, but in modern times, the tradition began to be forgotten.

That was until the winter of 1996, when a group of women in the Naryn Oblast of Kyrgyzstan realized that making traditional carpets was a resource for assisting them in difficult economic times. These women had the needed skills and they had the will to work hard, but they lacked business and marketing experience. So that spring, the group began receiving assistance from the Helvetas Agro-project, the predecessor of the Rural Advisory Services in Naryn. 

Soon they had their first sales exhibition and they had a terrific response from clients in Bishkek. Their feedback encouraged the group to introduce new colors and patterns into their repertoire, as well as emphasizing the need for quality management in production. These adjustments led to increased sales in the bi-annual exhibitions, and in the summer of 1997, the group produced 100 small shyrdaks for export, confirming that a market for their goods existed outside of Kyrgyzstan.

Encouraged by their success, the women set about improving their skills. In the autumn of 1997, more than 100 of them attended sewing training in Kochkor. As the group grew, and the members increased their skill, it became clear that a formal organization was necessary. In the spring of 1998, more than 200 women formed Altyn Kol, an NGO with the aim of generating income by producing and selling felt carpets and defending the interests of private felt carpet producers. Soon, other producers became interested. The women of At-Bashy, Ak-Talaa and other Naryn regions participated in Altyn Kol's seventh exhibition.

Despite the success, each shyrdak produced by Altyn Kol remains a unique thing. It is designed and prepared individually, using the indigenous knowledge Kyrgyz of patterns, symbols, coloring and sewing techniques. When making a shyrdak, the women act together, keeping carpet production as a social and economic role in their lives.

The women Altyn Kol invite you to visit their places of production throughout the Naryn Oblast of Kyrgyzstan. Each summer they provide many opportunities to those traveling in our country to learn how they might also create their own unique memory of Kyrgyzstan in the form of a shyrdak.

Also, please visit our

Shyrdak Symbols Page

to learn more about our designs.


Where to Buy
Our quality shyrdaks and other felt crafts may be purchased by selecting one from our Feltcraft Gallery, at the Altyn Kol shop in Kochkor (Open Daily from February to December, closed in January), at Our New Summer Shop at Song Kol Lake (ask for Altyn Jumakaderova), or at one of our Bi-Annual Exhibitions in Bishkek. For online orders, please refer to How To Order On-Line section below. Please click this link for payment information.

Directions To Altyn Kol Office in Kochor, Naryn Oblast

Upon arriving in Kochkor, you will disembark at the taxi stand near the bazaar. Walk east on the main road until you arrive at the first left-hand street, this is Pioneerskaya Street. You will walk about 50 meters and see the sign for Altyn Kol, our office is to the rear of the building.

Worldwide Delivery
We deliver worldwide by airmail or by airfreight. For faster delivery DHL is available. We deal with all kinds of export licenses and duties. All shyrdaks and ala giiz are legally produced and exported.
Shipment prices cost for shyrdaks are around 5 USD per square meter and ala giiz 2.50 USD per square meter. There is a Kyrgyz government tax of 30 USD per order. Prices may vary due to exchange rates, taxes or change of shipping or postage fees.

How to Order On-Line
Please send your orders to altyn_kol@mail.ru specifying Code (given under each felt item in the Gallery), Size Listed, and Quantity Desired. Order confirmation message stating your order price will be sent to you. 

Upon your agreement of price, the creation of your order will commence. Please allow us up to 30 days to make shyrdak below 1x2 m. Shyrdaks bigger than 2x3 m takes up to two months. You can choose a shyrdak or an ala giiz using our Feltcraft Gallery

Altyn Kol Women's Handicraft NGO

22a Pioneerskaya Street

Kochor, Naryn Oblast 722500


Phone: (996) 0-353-522-534

Manager's Mobile Phone (996) 0-502-136-590


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